1950 WORLD CUP FINAL – URUGUAY VS. BRAZIL, On July 16, 1950, Uruguay took on Brazil in the primary World Cup last since the finish of The Second Great War. The match also places at the Estadio do Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. While the match was supposed to be a major one for Brazil, it wound up becoming quite possibly the greatest surprise throughout the entire existence of soccer.

How They Arrived

Uruguay, who won the very first World Cup in 1930, crushed Bolivia 8-0 during match play. Oscar Miguez scored a full go-around in that match. The group was additionally expected to play France yet that group pulled out from the contest. In the meantime, Brazil had a +6 objective differential in its three games in match play.

Match Highlights

In the Last Round, Brazil crushed Sweden 7-1 and Spain 6-1. Ademir scored four of his eight objectives On the planet Cup during the coordination with Sweden, in this manner giving him the Brilliant Boot. Uruguay played to a 2-2 draw with Spain and a 3-2 win over Sweden to get into the last.

This gathering stage was made with four groups that won their gatherings and would be set in one last cooperative gathering. This is the main time in World Cup history that such an organization was utilized for figuring out who might play in the last.


The coordinate was firmly for Brazil with the Gazeta Esportiva distribution in Sao Paolo venturing to essentially ensure a triumph. A large part of the beginning of the match came from Brazil organizing a weighty assault on the safeguard. Nonetheless, Uruguay was significantly more imposing in this cycle than Sweden and Spain. Were.

The match was in a scoreless tie at the half and it would be only two minutes after the fact that France would score at 47′ to give Brazil the lead. Uruguay chief Obdulio Varela fervently contended the call by saying that France was offside.

Brazil’s solid protection began to separate not excessively long after as Juan Alberto Schiaffino scored the tying objective at 66′. Alcides Ghiggia traversed the option to get the ball to Schiaffino for help.

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At 79′, Ghiggia moved by Bigode and got the ball against Moacir Barbosa’s close to post to give Uruguay the lead. The horde of almost 200,000 individuals at the arena turned out to be calm until the end of the coordinate as Uruguay won its subsequent World Cup with a 2-1 win.

After the Match

While individuals of Uruguay praised their Reality Cup win, there was a lot of pain in Brazil. The nation tossed out the 22 gold decorations it previously made for the players, and countless individuals resigned before long.

Furthermore, Brazil changed the vibe of its uniform, feeling that the white uniform with a common would be a curse in the group. The green and yellow layout for Brazil’s uniform was presented not excessively lengthy after the match and is still being used in a structure right up until now.

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