1962 WORLD CUP – BRAZIL VS. CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Brazil took on Czechoslovakia on June 17, 1962, in Santiago, Chile On the planet Cup last. Brazil went in hoping to win its second back-to-back last. In any case, the group would need to do this without its top player. In the meantime, Czechoslovakia was in the last interestingly beginning around 1938 and was looking to return to possibly speed. The match was especially the second time during that year’s Reality Cup that the two groups rivaled each other.

How They Arrived

Brazil had a couple of similar players on its side as it did during the last World Cup yet it likewise had another mentor in Anymore Moreira. Vincente Feola needed to resign from his job as he was sick and incapable to go for the competition.

During the opposition, Pele was harmed in a match against Czechoslovakia. He just scored one objective during the whole competition. He harmed his left thigh in the match and Amarildo was brought in to trade him at the top until the end of the World Cup.

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Strangely, Brazil and Czechoslovakia were both in a similar passing gathering. They played to a scoreless attract their underlying match. While the two groups completed the main two in their gathering, Czechoslovakia did as such with an objective differential of – 1. This came especially from a 3-1 misfortune to Mexico.

Brazil crushed Britain and Chile in the knockout stage and Czechoslovakia beat Hungary and Yugoslavia to get it. Brazil’s Garrincha had four objectives while Czechoslovakia’s Adolf Scherer had three objectives all alone.

Ongoing interaction

Josef Masopust, a player for Czechoslovakia who won the Ballon D’Or later in the year, scored the main objective of the match at 15′. Amarildo answered at 17′ to tie the coordinate. He scored at the close to the post of Viliam Schrojf. The school couldn’t follow the ball as well as he had been all through a large part of the competition up to this match.

While the game was this way and that for a huge piece of the match, Zito would break the tie for Brazil with an objective at 69′. He scored the objective off of a set-up toward the front of the net by Amarildo.


Schrojf then slipped while attempting to prevent a shot from Vava at 78′. This gave Brazil a 3-1 lead, a lead that the group would keep on holding until the end of the match. This allowed Brazil its second consecutive World Cup title.

After the Match

While Brazil proceeded with its strength in soccer, Czechoslovakia was going on the way descending. The side neglected to meet all requirements for the 1966 World Cup. The side could never get back the quarter-last phase of the World Cup in its set of experiences.

Brazil would keep on meeting all requirements for the overwhelming majority of global competitions. Their karma was not durable however as the side lost in the cooperative phase of the 1966 World Cup. In any case, they were not to be discounted – not simply so soon!

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